Free Spirit Festival

Free Spirit Festival

A complete yoga experience for all your senses & more. Delicious food, knowledge for your intellect, meditations for your mind & music to lift your spirits.

Every Sunday 5pm – $5 or $8 after 5:30pm

5:00pm – Meditations for your Mind
5:30pm – Knowledge for your Intellect
6:00pm – Music to lift your Spirits
6:30pm – Delicious Food
7:30pm – Soothing Mantra Chants

A totally nourishing and enlivening atmosphere for the mind, body and soul.

The Loft is a great place to connect with others who hanker for a social scene and community that set their sights and goals higher than most.

Every Sunday there is a freshly made feast prepared, with multiple preparations and flavours to leave you fully satisfied. Every dish is cooked with vegetarian and vegan ingredients.


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