Our Yoga Teachers


Monday 6pm

Originally from Germany, Kasi has been teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles for four years at the Loft. He likes Ashtanga Yoga because it allows one to simply move through the routine and switch off the disturbances arising from the mind. Kasi is renowned for his tireless hard work. He is equally well known, if not more, for his delicious meals and entertaining cooking classes that he has been conducting at the Loft along with his lovely life (Acyuta) for many years.



Tuesday 6pm

Danielle has been coming to the Loft for several years and has decided to follow the Loft’s inner mood by giving her time and energy selflessly in contributing to the well being of others. Danielle has a huge thirst for traveling and has been abroad many times gravitating to places and people who are more earth-connected and deeper thinking. She decided several years ago to learn and teach yoga, and her enthusiasm and freshness will carry you to levels you never thought possible. A fresh and energetic teacher whose very presence will motivate you to a healthier body and mind. Danielle loves to incorporate breath and meditation in her classes, which beautifully decorate her final sequences with calm and inner peace.


Wednesday 6pm

Gitavali discovered yoga in Canada back in 1999. She has been teaching at the Loft for the last 7 years and has been teaching a super popular Hatha flow class at the Loft since 2011. Her class is designed to relieve tension, strengthen the body and bring about a peaceful mind. Gitavali loves to share the practice of yoga and Bhakti with others and has recently become a mother! Her adorable son is called Balai, we are sure you have seen him around the Loft on Wednesdays 🙂 Beginners love her classes, but don’t think she can’t challenge the more experienced!



Thursday 6pm

Dina is a veteran of the Loft community and has been giving and serving the Loft for over a decade. She is now a mother of a little boy called Dinanatha, and both her and her husband Gopinatha work together to help others in bringing balance and peace to others here in Auckland. Dina is a calm and sensitive teacher and by her very voice and movements she allures you into her flow and sequences. Even though she has a soothing vibe, she is expert at taking you to levels and heights that you didn’t think were possible. Her classes definitely strengthen the core and flow expertly. Be soothed and deeply stretched simultaneously with Dina’s popular and famous classes.

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