Sweet Hill Festival

Tomorrow, Sunday 17th Nov is our annual sweet festival.

This sweet festival includes an amazing presentation on yoga knowledge by international traveller and monk, Devamrita swami. Tomorrow nights topic will be all about the reality of reincarnation and changing bodies. Sounds cool … Sunday 5pm ..


Why a hill made of sweets? I hear you say.

Well, when Krishna was a young boy He and his friends used to play on a huge hill called Govardhana where they would frolic in pools, zip down mountain slides and swing on trees. We are celebrating this hill by making a hill made of sweets with pools of jelly, valleys of caramels. peaks of cupcakes, grassy mounds of laminations, fruits of marzipan…

There’ll be a loads of sweets for everyone so come celebrate this wonderful festival. Beginning at 5 p.m and rounding off with dinner around 7.15 p.m.

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