New Cooking Classes


Saturdays 6 till 8pm once a month

These popular classes include flavours such as Italian, Indian, Mexican, Middle eastern, Mediterranean, and Thai.

Watch – Learn – Cook – Eat


Yoga of Food – Become a knock-out cook & win people’s hearts by creating ‘Out of this world’ dishes.

It is now a well known fact that a vegan/vegetarian diet is the most sustainable and healthy way for you to eat. Many people want to become vegan/vegetarian, or at least add more vegetables to their diet, but they lack the skills and confidence to do it. This cooking class will expand your vision and insight by revealing the vast and varied ways you can prepare mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan meals.


Cooking Class Booking Information

Cooking classes are once a month on Saturdays at 6pm till 8pm – $25 Student ID $30 waged

You can check if the next class has been announced and make a booking HERE

For any further information Contact Gokul on:


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4 responses to “New Cooking Classes”

  1. Cecile says:

    Wow! that sound really lovely! But is it only on fridays?
    If it is, well, so sad, I hope you can all enjoy it!

  2. Radhika says:

    Hi there, I’m just wondering when it will be your next cooking class? Thanks.

  3. Marcia says:

    Hi There, I am interested in cooking classes on fridays. Please let me know when the courses starts. Tks 😉

  4. Anna Berry says:

    Is there any more new cooking classes? I am interested to know. Do you have worldwide online cooking class please session?

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