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International speaker, author and spiritual teacher, Devamrita swami, is back this week to host our Grand NEW YEAR FESTIVAL. on Sunday 24th March at 5pm. He will be giving a life altering presentation, accompanied by a Matrix Themed Drama, live music, topped off with a huge Veggie Feast

Devamrita swami has been traveling the globe for over 3 decades, delivering spiritual wisdom and insight in such places as IIT, MIT and many leading educational institutes on all inhabitable continents. He is renowned for his expert knowledge and skills in explaining the highest truths in an easy and digestible fashion.  Please don’t miss this opportunity. All programs come with dinner and cost only $8 wed and $5 Sunday b4 5:30pm.

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  1. anusha says:

    hi there I am interested in joining yoga …can u please give me the class timings and the monthly costs ….n does the monthly fee include soulfood dinner …

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