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Indian Festival Menu

This Friday 19th July, is the next vegan/vegetarian cooking class with Acyuta bhava and Kasi priya and here is the delicious mouthing watering menu:
Lemon Basmati Rice
Rajma Curry
Aloo Patra (spiced potato swirls) with fresh raisin chutney
Vadai (savory lentil donuts) with coconut & coriander chutney
North Indian Salad
Chai Spiced Vegan Cheesecake
Remember BOOK NOW & Parking is free after 6pm & only $2 an hour B4 6pm

Please see poster for details and prices etc.

Cooking class loft

Please contact Kasi priya or Acyuta bhava on 0210 2697113 – 02010393708 or The Loft 09 3797301

Please book now …You will get to learn mouth watering recipes, cook them, and of course taste them, all in one evening! All of Loft cooks want to share their skills with all those who desire to embrace the beauty and satisfaction of healthy vegan/vegetarian cuisine.

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2 responses to “Cooking classes”

  1. Jo Taylor says:


    just keen to find out if there are cookinng classes on tomorrow night, a couple of friends and i are keen to come along



  2. Indian delicious menu! I really love it and it’s spicy taste. It’s been so long that we are not having any new post regarding cooking classes. Looking for new cooking class schedule.

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