A Case of Mistaken Identity

Beginning this Tuesday, 6pm in the comfy Loft lounge, there will be a special four-week seminar series entitled, “A Case of Mistaken Identity.”

These seminars, given by Dina Dayala (yoga teacher and life coach), are sure to challenge our current conceptions, refresh the mind, & bring about a better connection with ourselves.

Based on Yoga Psychology (of which Dina Dayala is currently doing her PHD) these seminars are ultimately aimed
at improving our relationships.

Topics through the weeks will be:

Week 1 (Tues 23rd Nov): The Modern Culture of Enjoyment

Week 2 (Tues 30th Nov): The Cheaters & the Cheated

Week 3 (Tues 7th Dec): The Empowerment of Independence

Week 4 (Tues 14th Dec): Essence of Human Personality

Each seminar will be followed by dinner—a great time to discus more or just let your head unravel
& give in to the gorgeous tastes of the Loft cuisine.

$8 (includes dinner)

If you have any questions about this series email dina.dayala@gmail.com

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